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Troffer Retrofit Kit Closeout

Troffer Retrofit Kit Closeout

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We have a new closeout. Now you can go into offices and schools and anywhere else with 2x2 and 2x4 lay ins and upgrade them to LED for only a couple bucks per fixture. This allows you to close jobs that you couldnt previously. There is no excuse for your clients not to upgrade their lighting now.

Prices include shipping and credit card fee. 

·  2 foot strip kit for only $2.84

·  4 foot strip kit for only $4.10

·  Spec sheet.

Eachkit contains 1 LED strip and 1 LED driver. Each has a magnetic strip of tapeaffixed to them for easy installation.

E1SLM20D4-835 Single Magnetic Strip w/ Driver 4 Foot 20W 3500k. Stock 190. (40 per case) E1SL1M20D4-840 Single Magnetic Strip w/Driver 4 Foot 20W 4000k. Stock 7,363. (40 per case) E1SLM16D2-850 Single Magnetic Strip w/Driver 2 Foot 16W 5000k. Stock 256. (40 per case)


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  • I have older fixtures 4 -t12 bulbs how many would I need per unit

    Four. They are designed to replace each tube